Recognize these Autism Symptoms in Your Child

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28 March,2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

1 in 68 children in India is diagnosed with Autism. Time is of the reality when you get to know that your child may be having autism spectrum disorder. If you think your child may have autism, or if you wait for the medical professional to diagnose the problem, then you may be debilitating your child's future. Detecting autism symptoms early can gradually improve the treatment pathways to reduce the symptoms of autism.

It is important to start the treatments to reduce the future effects of autism. Because the early intensive interventions improve communication, learning, and social skills in children with autism. The earlier your child is diagnosed with autism, the earlier they begin to benefit from specialized treatment intervention approaches.

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Signs of Autism in Children

Autism Symptoms

When you are considering what autism symptoms in kids, don't forget to look for physical symptoms. A lot of symptoms that you might think have nothing to do with autism actually have a lot to do with autism. Two very common physical autism symptoms in kids include-

Social signs include: 

  • Appears unaware or uninterested of other people around them.
  • Prefers not to be held or touched.
  • They cannot connect with others to play, or make friends.
  • Has trouble in understanding the feelings or even with talking about them.

Language and speech difficulties include: 

  • Speaks in an abnormal pitch or tone.
  • Repeats the same phrases or words over and over without a communicative intent.
  • Face difficulty in communicating desires or needs.
  • Does not understands simple statements or directions or questions.

Non-verbal communication problems include: 

  • Avoids eye contact with other people
  • Does not pick up other person’s facial tone or expressions or gesture.
  • Reacts in an unusual way to smells, sights, textures, and sounds.
  • Abnormal postures and has an eccentric way of moving

Sleep problems are a common autism symptom in kids: 

Finally, sleep problems are another common autism symptom in kids. A lot of times kids with autism just can't go to bed at what we would consider normal times or sleep at all. They may stay up to 3 in the morning, or never even seem to sleep.

Treatment options for Autism

Autism Symptoms

If your child has any of these autism signs, it is worthwhile to take your child to a doctor or psychologist for an evaluation. It is best to get these symptoms checked out by a doctor if they occur so that they provide the best social skills training for Autism. Physical symptoms such as stomach and gastrointestinal issues and trouble sleeping, among others, can be some of the many autism symptoms in kids. Remember, early detection is critically important, so be sure to schedule an appointment if you suspect anything, even mild autism symptoms.

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