When Should I see a Therapist?

by cadabamshospital

26 February,2019 | 2 years read

Sometimes people have the wrong assumption that therapy is only for ‘crazy’ people- behaviours that seems to be absurdly out of condition. This is a common stigma that often stops people from receiving a little help during a hard time. You may not be ‘Crazy’, but you should be probably be seeing a therapist- but not knowing when? When Should I see a Therapist?

Here are six signs to look out for-

6 Signs that tell- When Should I see a Therapist?

When Should I see a Therapist?

  • Feeling helpless or hopeless- Unusual feelings of hopelessness is a  common indicator to know when should I see a therapist. While many think people can just “snap out” of those feelings, it rarely occurs. See a therapist when you often have trouble controlling emotions. Therapists can assist you to find your source of the problem — often help you with coping techniques and help you feel better.
  • Unhealthy habits- Some of the unhealthy habits — such as drinking, smoking, and drug abuse/ addiction, unhealthy sleep patterns— are often used to escape larger underlying problems. If you see that you’re self-medicating to make yourself seem better, you may want to visit a therapist.
  • Anxiety and Stress- Certain phases of life are stressful. They can cause you to feel worried. Stress and anxiety, if left untreated, can lead to social isolation, depression, and other problems. A therapist can better manage stress and anxiety. He will also help you with appropriate ways to overcome it. Here are some of the relaxation techniques for stress worth knowing.
  • Relationship issues-Relationships, whether personal or work-related, own their ups and downs. While connections can be the best things in life, they can at the same time be a source of stress. Working with a therapist can help roll out folds that can grow in even the strongest relationships.
  • Trouble in decision making- If you are no longer effective in working through decision making, or if stress levels are so high, you end up going into a crisis. Take for instance- If you used to handle work stress easily, but now see that your anxiety is reaching far beyond the 9-6 hours, then it's the time when you should see a therapist. Because excessive stress can also have bad impact on your decision making capabilities.
  • Loss in life-  Death is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t make it any simpler to deal with. Everyone feels the loss of a loved one — whether a parent or a pet — negatively. Mourning about is a common way, but avoiding the certainties of loss can lead to longer, hindering problems. A therapist can support you find proper ways to cope with the loss of someone close to you.

A therapist can be your helpful tool to keep your mind clear and control any negative emotions, and other problems you're facing They can assist you to get the most out of life.

When Should I see a Therapist?

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