Teen Drug Abuse: How to Stop Teens from Taking Drugs

by cadabamshospital

13 June,2018 | 2 years read

Drug abuse is rampant, and the drug of choice is changing. The onslaught of drug abuse is being done by teens and young adults by the thousands, if not millions. So, can the teen drug abuse be stopped? Yes. It all starts with one person. Perhaps you.

Parents frequently wonder what they can do to keep their teenagers from taking club drugs and other harmful substances, such as alcohol and tobacco. Unfortunately, teenagers tend to experiment with substances that make them feel good or which help them gain access to certain social privileges. The common club drugs include Ecstasy, Rohypnol, GHB, Ketamine and Herbal Ecstacy. To reduce the amount of experimentation (or, in some cases prevent it) you should keep your relationship with your teenager strong.

How to Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs?

Teen Drug Abuse

Does peer pressure help to stop it? Actually, that's what's getting most of the teens and young adults to participate in the "drug parties" where prescriptions are thrown into a bowl and people choose them like they would candy. There is more peer pressure to participate in taking prescription pills, than trying to talk a person out of it.

Does a parent's discussion with their teens help avoid this problem? Not likely. Why? Because the discussion is focused on educating them about the bad effects of abusing the drugs. So, what's missing? Giving the teens and young adults an alternative.

Yes, I'm talking about providing a positive, uplifting, long-term solution. It's getting them involved in learning how to plan for their future and take responsibility for their lives and stand up for what's right. Here are some ways how you can, as a parent help your teen avoid drugs and stay at bay from teen drug abuse.

Preventing Teen Drug Abuse: Advice for Parents

Teen Drug Abuse

  • Show love and acceptance to your teenager. Doing it in a way that they can understand, is the single most important factor in raising a well-adjusted teen. Parents that can show unconditional love and acceptance to their teen and still provide rules and boundaries will be the most successful.
  • Developing self-confidence in them, from an early age. This is a crucial factor in raising a successful teen that makes good choices. This can be built through feeling accomplishment in activities and sports, through creative outlets and from supportive, attentive and proud parents that serve as good role models.
  • Help your teen develop appropriate social skills. If these skills are developed then the teen will have friends, know how to act in school and in groups and will feel socially accepted. Positive social skills lead to peer acceptance, which during the teen years is critical in their emotional development
  • Get to know your teen’s friends. Invite them into your house. Welcome it when your home is busy and loud but your teen has brought his friends home with him because you know where he is and you have an opportunity to size up their friends. Much can be learned through observation.
  • Communicate. Accomplishing things together with your teen and communicating to them that you are keenly interested in their life will develop self-confidence and prevent them from straying. In addition, allowing parents that monitor their teen's activities conveys love and acceptance to the adolescent.
  • Keep your teenager away from the wrong crowd. It is an arduous process but one that is filled with pride and accomplishment. Invest in your teenager and communicate to them that they are loved and accepted unconditionally. Crucial to keeping your teen away from associating with the "wrong crowd" is what I call defensive parenting. It is an approach that is both proactive and preventative.

Teen Drug Abuse Help:

If you would like more information on what immediate action steps you can take to help your teen stop drug abuse, then please feel free to contact us at 96111 94949. We are over here to help you all way around.