Virtual event

14th February 2021 @ Indiranagar Social

Join us for an event that explores the intricacies of relationships!

As our relationships prosper and strengthen under unrelenting love and commitment, there is still a side to them that can break or taint these ties. Love still remains an unexplainable phenomenon, full of highs & lows, unpredictable yet safe at the same time.

This Valentine's Day, join us for an event that explores the intricacies that exist in relationships—the making, flourishing, breaking & re-exploring of love in modern times.


14th February 2021
@ Social, Indiranagar

Open Location


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Things we will be sparking
conversations around

Drawing Boundaries

Boundaries in a relationship may seem blurry, or even non-existent. But, they are important and a sign of a healthy relationship.

These boundaries strengthen bonds, encourage comfort and form the building blocks of trust in relationships.

Managing Expectations

One of the most vital parts of a relationship is communication and understanding.

These open up the conversation to acknowledging expectations, fulfilling some, while also developing the ability to appreciate the efforts put in by the other.

Dealing with a Break-up

Breakups can be tough. With the overwhelming burden of emotions that come with a breakup, it may seem impossible to lift yourself back up.

But it also makes you realise that it is time for self-care and self-love.

Casual Dating & Dating Apps

Dating Apps are fun, different and a little adventurous. For some, dating apps may be the answer to all their problems, while for others, they may just be stressful.

Either way, with this new form of romance making headway, it is crucial to understand how to manage relationships built on dating apps.

The Panel

Adarsh Nalam

Writer &
Communication Consultant

Dr Meenakshi

Clinical Psychologist,

Dhruv Sehgal

Actor & Writer


Hiba Javad

A spoken word artist and a published poet—she has performed at Kommune events, The Mental Health Conclave 2020 and Under 25 events. She has also won several intercollegiate slams, qualified for a national slam and won the title of the Silver Story of the Year 2020 by India Film Project Season X.

Bharath Savithri Divakar

Bharath is a celebrated spoken word poet, writer and storyteller. They have toured the country with their poetry show "Fluid" and performed in more than 8 cities. They have performed at events like Spoken, Times lit fest, Language fest, Under 25, NYPS to name a few.

Lisa Mandal

Lisa Mandal has won the maiden champion title at the APM National Youth Poetry Slam for the teenage category, was a selected participant at the Slam India Retreat held at Jaipur, and has been a featured performer at The Wryte Litfest Pune, Spoken Mumbai, The Times Litfest Bangalore, BIS Slam, and Indest's Crack the Cocoon events.


Vishwi is a Singer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Music Producer. Though he was exposed to various genres of music at a very young age, he has strong roots in Indian Classical Music. His ability to sing songs in various regional languages gives him an edge. A unique musical imagination and a soulful voice makes him the perfect one-man band.