ADHD Medication

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11 January,2018 | 2 years read

Some think that medication is the only solution to treat ADHD. Be aware as medicines are to keep an upper hand on symptoms. ADHD Medication controls the visible symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

ADHD Medication

Have a close observation of your child after they start taking medications.  The doctor should assess if your child is receiving the appropriate dose. The side effects usually decrease in few weeks, or the doctor may lower the dosage, keeping a track on side effects. Consistency in medication is highly crucial.

Let’s have a glance at commonly prescribed medicines. Excuse, for there might be technical terms.

  • Stimulants, which are classified into Amphetamine and Methylphenidate (eg: Concerta, Metadate, Ritalin). Stimulants usually reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity and enhance focus.
  • Non Stimulants like Atomoxetine, Clonidine, this class of medicines treat aggression, inattention, impulsivity that aren't controlled by other ADHD medications.
  • Antidepressants can be sometimes prescribed, like Wellbutrin, Aventyl, and Norpramin.

Is ADHD Medication safe for your Child?

Every parent's first question on prescribed medicines is- are they safe? It is considered safe, provided diagnosis is correct, target symptoms are known. Also, these medications should be prescribed by a certified mental health care professional. It is effective when they are not abused. Individuals should not manipulate the dosage.

Side effects of medications used to treat ADHD

There are few notable side effects like, appetite suppression and weight loss, which gradually disappear. Stimulants can cause headaches/difficulty in falling asleep. To ease it doctor may switch to other drug/reduce the dosage.

In the start, your child’s growth can be hindered but will rebind to normal after few years. Children taking stimulants experience visual hallucinations or develop tics like uncontrolled blinking. Medicines can be eight hours effect from/ twelve-hour form, which might hinder your child’s routine activities.

How is correct dosage determined?

The right dosage depends upon the child’s body metabolism and not the child’s age or weight. The doctor would start with lower level dosage and might increase. Parents must provide feedback to decide if the previous dosage is appropriate.

Watch out, if your child is taking medication:

  • Not all behavior problems are cured by medicine alone, other therapies can also help.
  • Stimulants can interfere with the growth; most doctors would keep a tack of child’s height.
  • Don’t skip medicines.
  • Liquid or chewable forms of medicines are available to avoid swallowing.
  • Follow the guidance of your doctor for dosage. 

Medications can help in keeping a control over the symptoms, but may not eliminate the problem completely. For the better success of treatment, there should be unconditional love from the parents, motivation. Some of the other therapies like family therapy, behavioral therapy, play therapy, lifestyle changes, neurofeedback work well.

For further queries about ADHD Medication, please do reach a mental health care professional. Call Cadabam’s Hospitals right away @+91 97414 76476.



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