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Emotions – Demons or Angels?

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Is it better to think logically or to think emotionally? Most people would argue that logic is superior because emotions are seen as messy, uncomfortable and sometimes leading to wrongful actions. They are also not based on facts and therefore are “unscientific”. The implication of this cultural discourse is that emotions are obstacles that we must overcome in our life’s journey and we must strive to push past them. If there are any emotions which are welcomed when they come from the positive side of the spectrum and the negative emotions are pushed away.

Emotional counseling therapy

However, if emotions are not useful and are meant to be suppressed then why do we experience them? Do emotions have any value or any purpose?

Psychological research has considered emotions to be reactions to outside events, people, situations, things as well as to internal memories, dreams, thoughts and ideas. These reactions can take the form of feelings such as sadness or joy. Emotions also affect what we pay attention to, what we remember and how we react to other events. They can take the form of perceptions and thoughts. We also experience the effects of emotions in our bodies’ reactions such as sweating, breathing heavily or trembling.

Emotional counseling therapy

Feelings, thoughts, actions and physical reactions together give us information which allows us to make decisions and they provide the motivation needed for us to fulfil our needs. When we are able to experience the full range of emotions, emotions tell us about ourselves, allowing us to understand our preferences and to form our identity.

They are ingrained in our biology and therefore experienced by everyone in the same way. Due to this, we can understand other actions and their motivations through emotions and therefore navigate better through society. Emotions also play a role in our lives in a subtle form helping us make choices quickly and efficiently as we go about our daily routine.

Emotional counseling therapy

How we deal with emotions can have an enormous impact on our lives either allowing us to reach our goals more easily or becoming obstacles in our path. Therefore, it is important to know what to do when we experience emotions and how to either increase or decrease their effect on our lives (emotion regulation).

Emotional counseling therapy

Get help through Emotional counseling therapy

Research in this area has identified some helpful and some unhelpful ways of dealing with emotions such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, emotional counselling therapy. Many psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and personality problems like Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder also are partly caused by unhealthy ways of responding to emotions.

Emotional counseling therapy

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