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Behavioral modification for Child Behavior problems

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All children are not same as in their development and also in their patterns of behaviors. Most of children's learn appropriate behavior with the help of the parents and teachers. Children show temper tantrums and aggressive or some destructive behaviors in some situations. But it seen months together then the child is suffering from behavioral problems. Theses behavioral changes seen in all ages of childhood. These behaviors seen for longer time with repeated action and breaking of rules accepted by home and schools indicate the severe form of behavioral problems. Parenting style is also influence on the behavior of the children.

Common behavioral problems in children are ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), CD (conduct disorder) and Temper tantrums.

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: children with this problems have difficulty in concentrating, moving from one task to another task without completing the previous one. Constant restlessness and doing something or other task and forgetting instructions given by others.
  • Oppositional defiant disorder: children with these problems are easily get angered, show frequent temper tantrums, argue with parents, refuse to obey the rules and try to blame others for their mistakes.
  • Conduct disorder: children with this problems always judged as 'bad kids' because of their behaviors and refusal to accept the rules. These children are frequently refuse to obey parents and teachers, tendency to use drugs, lack of empathy, aggressive towards animals and others, frequent lying, stealing and tendencies to run away from the home.
  • Temper tantrum: these are the emotional problems occur suddenly or sometimes severe and violent also. It includes signs like screaming at the top of their lungs, crying.


Management of Behavioral problems:

  • Education of parents: It includes educating the parents about the problems and how manage with the children and also about the communication
  • Family therapy: the whole family is educating about the problems and also about the communication skills with the child
  • Cognitive behavior therapy: it helps the children to control their behavior and also cope up with the problems
  • Social training: important social skills are taught to the children and also about the good conversation, cooperatively play with their fellow mates
  • Anger management: child is taught about how recognize their signs of growing frustration. Coping skills to refuse their anger and aggressive behavior.


Tips for the parents to control temper tantrums

  • Don't be frustrated: if child is showing some behavior which is uncommon like hitting, screaming. Don't react to that, if you are unable to listen to that just leave the place for while and come after some time when child stop crying. Because showing concern at that point will increase the problematic behavior in child
  • Have a talk: after the child become calm, discuss about the tantrums. Suggest them instead of showing their feelings in that form put it in word form will be better to understand
  • Avoid the situations: once get know about the situation where the child show tantrums, avoid that situations and divert child mind to some other things.
  • Observe the child: observe the child behavior and changes. If the changes are very markable and sever then seek help from the professionals

Children with behavioral problems face many difficulties in home and also in school environment. Parents should identify the changes in child behavior and also help them to cope with the problems. If the changes in the child is severe then parents should seek help from the professional to over come from the problems. For behavior modifications for your child, call our child psychologist on +919741476476.


1.How do you treat child behavior problems?

Ans. Behavioral Problems in Children include tantrums and temper issues. Treatment for child behavior problems includes:

  • Education of parents
  • Family Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Social Training
  • Anger Management

2.How do you treat behavioral disorders in children?

Ans. Some common behavioral problems in children are caused by disorders such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Temper Tantrums. Treatment for child behavior problems should be approached with professional assistance. Treatment options include Family Therapy, CBT, Social Training and Anger Management. 

3.What is the treatment method of problematic children?

4.What is behavioral therapy for a child?

Ans. Behavioral Problems in children result in anger issues and throwing tantrums. One of the treatments is Behavioral Therapy for Children. This helps the children understand how to cope with situations  and helps them control their behavior as well. 


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