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Demonetization and mental health

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The recent demonetization has, obviously, shocked the entire nation. Citizens are running to the banks and lining up in front of ATM and the rest are trying to get change for their new 2000 notes. Demonetization has affected the economy, people’s business and daily activities, but along with that it has also affected individual’s mental health.

How can demonetization affect mental health?

One of the various factors that affects or brings about a change in an individual’s mental health is sudden life events. Demonetization is, no doubt, one of that. Many experts believe that people from middle class and lower are the ones who are affected the most as they are the ones who depend majorly on liquid cash.

Standing in long queues for hours is very frustrating and exhausting. Along with that there are chances that when your turn comes the cash is over, what can be more frustrating, and people are experiencing this on a daily basis. This is more nerving for individuals who are working as many tend to take a day off for this.

There also individuals who already have a lot of tension in their lives and this demonetization act like the last straw.

For many, buying groceries also have become an issue, as there is no legal cash or no change for the new. Among individual who are the sole bread winners of the family, helplessness is a common problem now. They try their best to provide for their family and in this case due to no legal cash, getting the basic necessities has also become a task. Under these situations people are bound to feel helpless.

Mental health institutions are now getting patients on a regular basis who are somehow affected by demonetization. People who are already under therapy also tend to skip their sessions to stand in the queue, affecting their progress. Experts are also talking how this whole situation is making people vulnerable to mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and aggressive behaviour.

What can be done?

Mental health professional are trying their best in helping people affected by this sudden change. Here are some of the tips that can help you manage your emotions, frustration and stress under this chaotic situation:

  • Relaxation techniques: There are many ways that can help you calm down after a tiring day standing in the queue. Some of these are deep breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and yoga or simply listening to music for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Exercise: While the above helps you calm down, working out helps you vent out and relax. It does not have to be a hardcore workout a simple 30 minutes regular walk or jog can help.
  • Stick to your routine: In the midst of the long waiting do not avoid doing your regular activities. This means get up at the regular time you always do, don’t skip meals and the rest. This can somehow bring you back to your normal routine despite the pressure.
  • Talk to someone: No matter how silly it may sound, talk about your worries and tension to someone you trust. This not only makes you feel lighter but also that there are chances the other person can help you with your difficulty.
  • Seek help: If nothing seems to help you manage your emotions, ask for professional help. There many counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists that can and will help you cope with your difficulties.

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