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CBT has demonstrated its effectiveness in treating various disorders such as anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders. Its benefits are also found to be lasting which is helpful in preventing relapses when it comes to addiction. Here are some of the techniques used in CBT that can also be tailored to addiction treatment –

Journaling. The client is asked to write down all negative thoughts that they have in-between sessions, and how they attempted to replace them with more positive thoughts.
Cognitive restructuring. The client is asked to observe their worst case scenario thoughts or all-or-nothing thinking and the therapist helps the client reframe those thoughts into more constructive perspectives.
Thought challenges. This technique asks the client to look at different alternative perspectives to look at a situation, which helps challenge that their negative thoughts may not have as much validity as it seems.
Relaxation techniques. They can include deep breathing, listening to music, taking a bath, gardening, or guided visualizations. These can be very useful when the person is craving the substance, to reduce it.
Guided discovery. In this technique, the therapist understands the client’s perspective and asks questions and gives different evidences to challenge that rigid perspective of the client.

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How effective is CBT for Drug Addiction?

CBT is an effective form of therapy that helps people learn coping skills that help them reduce their drug addiction.

What are the benefits of CBT for Drug Addiction?

CBT helps challenge destructive thinking and behaving patterns, thus, allowing you the capacity to make healthy choices, reviews old, negative ways of thinking and fosters positive change in the present moment, helps you gain greater self-awareness and enhances your self-esteem – all of which become the foundational stones helping you recover from your drug addiction.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

It is unique to the condition and willingness to change of each person.

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