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How to be an Optimistic Person in Life

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How do you picture your life right now? How has your life turned out so far? Is it the way that you pictured when you were dreaming of the perfect life a few years back, or has your life turned completely upside down from what you really wanted? Is your life full of things that you dislike and often complain about? Have you ever considered why all these situations seem to be happening with you while other people around you seem to be living amazing lives that are optimistic, rich, and happy? 

If yes, there's something you need to think about- Being Optimistic.

The reason is that for most people it is easier to look at things from a negative light and easier to focus on things they don’t like or that didn’t go right. The moment you focus more on the negatives, you tend to feel like nothing is going right and everything is falling apart.

Do you really want to change your life around? Then you need to change your mindset from that of a negative person to that of a person who thinks and feels more like an optimist and focuses on the brighter side of things.

Who is an Optimistic Person? 

An optimistic person thinks the best possible thing will happen and hopes for it even if it is highly unlikely. Optimistic people have a positive outlook on life and they look at the world as full of opportunities.

Optimism versus Pessimism

A pessimist tends to believe that everything that happens around them is bad and they are at fault. Whereas, an optimist expects good things will happen to them. They tend to find out positivity in everything. It is an optimistic behaviour to see a setback as a temporary hindrance. Rather than giving up hope, an optimistic person views it as a challenge that can be overcome or fixed

7 Ways of Becoming an Optimistic Person

Optimism is a choice. If you think and believe that you are a pessimist, then there is no way you can turn your mindset around. Always remember that you have choices in your life. You can always choose what you want to do and what you want to be. It is you who needs to decide that, no matter what, you are going to be an optimistic person from now on. The decision to be positive is the first step towards being an optimistic person. Here are 7 timeless habits to help you become an optimistic person in life.

Stand up Straight and Tall: Experts say, to lengthen your stride, stand up straight and tall. If something unbeatable gets in your way, instead of feeling underpowered, be turned on by the challenge and come at it from different angles, showing your determination.

Have a Purpose: An optimistic person feels their life has a purpose. If you feel sad, don't feed your sadness and go around bringing others down. Instead have a purpose or a goal and try your best to achieve it.

Get Fresh Air: Getting fresh air will kick-start spirits within you. Get moving about something that you desire to do whenever you can, so you'll always have a reason to get out of bed. Allow yourself to give in to breathtaking moments of joy, ecstasy, bliss, and the company of friends as an obvious boost.   

Be the Beginner: If you ever feel down because nobody is texting you, or talking to you, make an effort yourself to get in touch with people and initiate conversations. Don't hesitate to be the first one to approach, reach out to people.

Get over Things: If it's you who is beating you up, stop it now and make yourself like you more. Stop being critical and dwelling on miserable thoughts. Think of your achievements and the situations in the past that you have handled well. Remind yourself of the compliments you have received and always acknowledge yourself for what you have achieved. Have an ‘I did it’ list. It will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Stop Overthinking, Get Busy:  If all these things do not work, try to get yourself busy. Overthinking about things that are making you unhappy can make you feel worse, and we often do that when we have a lot of free time in our hands. Thus, getting yourself occupied is a good way to get rid of such unhappy thoughts.

Control Your Emotions: Our emotions affect our health. Research studies say that optimistic and happy people tend to live longer. So if you want to live and enjoy more of the things life has to offer, be an optimistic person!

“Stop thinking about those negative rants. Instead, move on, focus on the good things in your life.”

Optimistic Thinking Is the Key to Success

Many of these negative thoughts come due to the mistakes made in the past and its consequences. Such experiences often lead to negativity and pessimism. Look at the past situation from the vantage point of the present. All experiences teach us. They leave us in a better position - wiser, more caring, more humble, more open - if only we learn from them. This recognition is essential before you let go of the past and embrace the present.

Recognize and admit to yourself what you did, admit it to one other person. When you are ready to take responsibility for the impact of your actions upon others, acknowledge that you were wrong, and are willing to do something about it. Resolve to go forward and stop looking back on this incident. This will also give you a sense of satisfaction as well as inner peace.  This will bring the ultimate closure you need to finally move on.

Talk to a therapist, it helps. A therapist can help you understand and learn what's making you hold onto your past. Mental health professionals will help you with techniques for managing and coping with guilt, fear, trauma, or any other feeling associated with the past.

So start today and really look for the great positive attributes in life and every situation to be able to live the life that you want. You must and have to focus on great things about everything and soon you will find that living life is magical and full of joy.

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