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Here is a story for you!

A man who lived in a cave was finding it difficult because of the bad weather outside. He was the urge of finding a pit of fire in order to make himself warm and comfortable. Because of the rain, he failed to collect the dry woods from outside. At a stage, he found the solution by the collecting small pieces of woods which was burnt and leftover of last night inside the cave itself. So the moral of the story “ The thing you are searching for is available inside of you, then why look outside for it!”  

We are all the generation who witnessed the up-gradation of this civil society in all the formats. But still, we have not upgraded ourselves in certain areas, particularly what to believe? And what not to believe?

For example,

We believe happiness is having a hand full of money. That is not, happiness is always a byproduct of achieving the goal.

We believe we should be the controller of everything including persons and environment. Life will become meaningless if everything goes in your favor.

What we commonly do today…  

We resort to unhealthy habits for relaxation & to de-stress. Here are some of them.

  • I am so exhausted from the day !!! Let’s go to a bar and chill.
  • I am so stressed? I need a smoke!!
  • Love break-up. Life has got nothing in store for me. Let’s try blue whale challenge!
  • Husband is suspecting, no hope to live!
  • Failed in my exam, what is my future. I am depressed?
  • Nothing going right, let’s try marijuana

Dear people- The peace that you are searching is not outside.

There are tons of reasons to choose a wrong side, but there is only one reason to choose a right side that is ‘ to find your inner peace’

Where can you find the inner peace:

Researchers say that 77% of people experience physical symptoms of stress and depression and 73% of people experience psychological symptoms of stress and depression. If you summarize and consolidate all your problems in a piece of paper; most of it would fall under a single category - Stress. To overcome stress, stop looking outside. What you need is inner peace.

Here is how you can find it:

Keep a personal record:

Accepting yourself is the crucial task of this process. It opens the door for clues and it will help you discover yourself. What is happening in your life? How do you feel? And how your journey of life has been?

Learn on what to focus:

Try to focus and accept your life and feel grateful for what you have rather of what you don't have. It might incorporate your family, supporters, education, self-esteem, wisdom, etc.

Work on your awareness:

Just engage yourself and be aware of all the things happening around. Being mindful allows you to be in the moment and cherish it.

Bend a little: As a human being, all we want to do is to take control of everything. People around us and the environment (work, school, society). This action is because of the fear of the unknown or the things that we can't control. So don’t try to control the things that you cannot.
Physical activities: Involve your mind and body into exercise which makes the whole day in favor of you by providing the fresh energy to view the things differently.

Try to achieve the things and goals through love, gratitude, and peace that already exists inside you.

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