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What is online counselling?

Online counselling is an alternative to traditional counselling sessions. During online counselling therapy, professional counselling services are offered through the Internet. Counselling provided by Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Online Counsellors and trained professionals can make a huge impact on the mental health and quality of life of individuals, families and communities.

Counselling helps people navigate difficult life situations, such as loss in academic careers, loss of a job, death of a loved one, divorce, natural disasters etc. Online counselling is especially relevant nowadays, as we are all constrained to our homes due to a pandemic. Anxiety, depression, stress is on the rise and the conventional avenue of seeking recourse are risky, online counselling is a way to avail counselling services from the comfort of your own home.

The services are usually offered through email, video conferencing, and real-time chat. Online counselling in India has become a popular support system for the younger demographic and some of the key services include suicide call back service, lifeline, and kid’s helplines.

The online counsellor will conduct sessions through emails, text messages, online chats, internet-enabled calls, and video conferencing. The therapy sessions can occur in real-time or in a delayed format like email messages. 

Even though online counselling is still pretty new, it’s becoming an essential resource for many parents.

The services are usually offered through email, video conferencing, and real-time chat. Online counselling in India has become a popular support system for the younger demographic and some of the key services include suicide call back service, lifeline, and kid’s helplines.

The online counsellor will conduct sessions through emails, text messages, online chats, internet-enabled calls, and video conferencing. The therapy sessions can occur in real-time or in a delayed format like email messages. 

There are many reasons for a person to choose online therapy, the main ones being convenience and accessibility that the delivery method provides.

It allows people to take up therapy as per their convenience without hampering their daily schedules. 

How to Find a Therapist Online

It’s a fairly understood and accepted fact that a patient is choosing an online therapist because this is where it’s more comfortable for them to undergo the therapy. However, to find a therapist online can be a bit of a challenge. Well, here’s a guide of the do’s and don’ts while searching for a therapist online.

You can start by asking for a reference from your general physician for Online Therapist. Doctors, Physicians, Psychologists and Psychiatrists have much better acquaintances with each other and being your family doctor, they know all your medical history, your personality and the kind of help you’re looking for. They are the best person to assist you to find a therapist online.

You can also search on the internet for ‘Online Therapists near me’ or ‘Talk to a therapist online’ to find some of the top online counsellors in your city.

How Does Online Counselling Work?

Online counselling is one of the most suitable ways to seek help especially if you have concerns about speaking to your therapist in person.

Online counselling is an amazing way in which people who need counselling can reach out at their convenience. This makes it easier for people with packed schedules to get help when they need it. 

People can greatly succeed from the issues such as sadness, worrying, stress, depression, phobias, marital problems, self-esteem problems and many more issues. Also, the therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals and the families.

As individuals, we all undergo difficulties in our life from time to time. But most of us fail to seek support due to several social factors like fear, status, and other reasons. Online counselling offers a way to seek help discreetly and conveniently. 

Who Needs Online Counselling?

The need for online counselling services is crucial now, more than ever. Being amid a pandemic can take a toll on an individual’s mental health and not having access to physically meet a therapist can be frustrating.

Online counselling is great for people who are facing mental health distress and have no physical access to safe community spaces. 

Types of Online Therapies Offered at Cadabam’s

  • Individual Therapy – It is a one-on-one basis talk session with an online therapist.
  • Couples therapy – In this type of online counselling, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight on their relationship and resolve their conflicts. 
  • Play Therapy – It is used primarily for children.

Family Therapy – This type of online counselling helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

How Can Online Counselling Help You?


Online counselling services are easily accessible to anyone who wishes to use it. Online therapy helps overcome barriers that might otherwise stop you from seeking professional help.

For instance, patients who reside in a rural area where there are not many therapists can benefit from online mental health counselling in the cities.

Online counselling is also a preferred mode for kids and teenagers because they usually feel comfortable using the internet rather than speaking about their problems directly to a person.


Receiving therapy from online psychologists is quite convenient. The online counselling therapist and a patient can correspond with each other, and settle on timing that is convenient for them.

Online therapy is great because it gets rid of the hassles of scheduling and setting appointments that come with traditional settings. This will also create an opportunity for a therapist to extend their services to a larger client base, they can extend their reach geographically, and the sessions can be settled within 24 hours.


Online depression counselling and other forms of online counselling is preferable to many patients because it’s economical for the client and therapist.

This is a benefit to therapists who can’t afford a space of their own. Online sessions will help them reduce overhead capital costs, commuting, administration procedures, and property.

Erases social stigma

When you seek out online therapy in India, there are many cases where social pressures and stigma weigh into your decision.

Taking your therapy appointments help you keep them discreet and away from the prying eyes of society. This easing of social stigma helps many people who would otherwise avoid therapy seek it freely.

Cadabam’s Online Counselling Services

  • Individualized, evidence-based treatment plans
  • Family and personal interventions
  • Coaching and skill development
  • Safety and coping skill development
  • Psychoeducation
  • Stress management
  • Adjustment issues
  • Personal counselling
  • Marital counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Child & adolescent counselling
  • Parenting counselling

Other Services Includes:

  • Home Counselling
  • EAP (Employee Assisted Program)
  • School Mental Health Programs
  • 24-hour psychiatric emergency helpline
  • Rehabilitation centres

At Cadabam’s, you can ask to talk to a therapist online for free for your first session. Reach out to us at +91 96111 94949, or +91 7353226622.


> What to keep in mind during online counselling?

  • Ensure that you have a good internet broadband connection, which can be accessible to your private location where you can feel convenient to talk.
  • Also, ensure the place is safe and you have your privacy for counselling. Make sure the place isn’t very noisy.
  • Check if the headphone and the mic are in working condition to avoid disruption during the session. A good quality webcam with video calling app like Skype (for instance) is suggested.
  • Close any other tabs, before starting your psychological counselling online. Even if you are not using them during the counselling session, they are still running in the background and it may cause problems during the session. For instance, it can slow your system, and hinder your communication with your online counsellor.
  • Online mental health counselling requires good lighting so that the therapist can see and gauge your emotions and reactions.  Before starting your session, choose a location with natural lighting, and it will make all the difference during the online mental counselling session.
  • Before you start your online mental health counselling session, you need to ensure that you’re not disturbed. You can put a ‘do not disturb’ sign, switch off your cell phone, and disable any notifications that may distract you.
  • It’s a good idea to wear a pair of headphones, they can reduce any echo and will enable an extra level of confidentiality. Headphones will also help you tune into the session, and respond to the counsellor better.
  • Always have a backup plan during the online counselling services, so that if there are technical issues, then you and the online therapist know how to continue the session without feeling helpless. Share your phone number so that the therapist can reach you in case of any technical glitches.
  • Ensure that you have conducted good research and are aware of the confidentiality levels that are offered by the communication tool you are using. Ensure that you’re happy with it.

> What are the other important benefits of online counselling?


Some people might be hesitant about sharing their personal stories like sad or embarrassing instances, love affairs, or anything that makes them uncomfortable in person. In such situations, online counselling is very beneficial as it provides them with a safe and secure space to open up about the problem they are facing to their online therapist through a virtual medium. The online sessions can be quite invigorating as compared to traditional therapy sessions. Online therapy sessions help boost self-confidence as well. Hence, with online psychological counselling, patients can talk without any restrictions and the social stigma associated with therapy vanishes too.

A Broad Range of Communication

The usual communication techniques online are through messages in the form of email, chat, and other applications. This is a great tool because the clients can get comfortable with their online therapist. The conversation is private and secure, and you can divulge and reflect on any moments that cause you pain or happiness. Online therapy is known to be one of the best counselling methods because it provides optimum guidance to the patient. Therapists will suggest that you write about experiences that cause you pain or stress, they will then suggest relaxation techniques and talk you through your negative emotions. Also, having a written account of your session can help you in the future.


Online depression counselling is helpful because it allows the patient to be frank about their views and opinions. Therefore, they don’t feel shy or embarrassed when they talk about what they feel. Online therapy allows you to schedule your sessions so that you can speak to the counsellor on the phone or through personal chat. This allows you to be open with your counsellor and give way to honest conversations, as well as a fulfilling session.

Improved Relationship:

Online counselling for improving relationships can help you and your partner connect with your therapist from any location, and you can avoid the hassle of commuting long distances. Online counselling for relationships can be quite effective at repairing straining or broken relationships. It helps couples open up, be honest with each other, and improve their relationship. 

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