Getting over a Breakup.

by cadabamshospital

27 February,2017 | 4 years read

Relationships require a huge investment of us and so when it actually results in its culmination it take a huge toll and drains us emotionally, physically as well as psychologically. The end of romance can cause grief and some intense feelings of anger, hurt and loathing.

Here are a few ways to help you get over your heart break.

  • Cut out reminders of your ex.

A large part of our suffering comes from thinking about our ex. Associations do not help us move forward and associations create reminders.  Reminders of them trigger memories. Hence making it hard for you to move on and fall out of love with them. In order to move forward you need to cut out reminders of your ex at least for the time being. Stay away from the places, restaurants and activities you used to visit and engage together.

  • Take a break.

It is difficult to get over a broken heart; cut yourself some slack. You just underwent an emotionally heavy ride. It is alright to cry over it, crying is very cathartic. Go for a mini holiday with your family or friends, take up a hobby; unwind and rejuvenate. You deserve it so take a break.

  • Don’t indulge in grieving.

It is good to express how you feel about your break up; expressing emotionally is cathartic and helps you immensely but over indulging in these feelings could never allow you to move forward. As doing so, you end up strengthening these feelings and embedding the feelings deeper hence causing you to not be able to uproot them later.

  • Learn to let it go.

By allowing yourself to consciously distancing yourself from the maladaptive behaviours and emotions you can learn to let go of your past. It is tough to forget but once this trying times are over you will be able to make peace with your past. You need to cut those reminders and move to healthier ways of coping.

  • Self care is the best care.

Breakup can make you feel overwhelmed and exhausted; you forget to take care of yourself. Hence take some time out for yourself and connect with yourself. Plan a night out with friends, go out for spas or massages, try that yoga class you always wanted to or go on that road trip and discover and understand you.

Remember your journey maybe hard at the start but once on the path you will realize that you can get over your breakup. Sometimes we aren’t able to cope and no amount of self help can help us get over the breakup, it is during times like these you can seek counselling. Call us now on +919741476476 for relationship counseling and coping strategies.