Impact of Bullying

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16 July,2016 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

A 14 years old boy Raunak Banerjee end his life because of a serious problem which students face these days. Similarly many students have lost their life for the same reason and many parents are unaware of the reason behind their children's decision. These are some of the signs and symptoms shown by child who is a victim of bullying.Symptoms of Bullying on child
• Afraid to go to school or other activities
• Appears fearful or anxious
• Complains of feeling unwell such as repeated headaches and stomach ache
• Decreased interest in school activities
• Losing things and demanding for money
• Appears unhappy, sad and irritable
• Trouble in falling asleep and nightmares
• Isolated from peer group
• Unexplainable injuries
• Changes in eating habits
Importance of parent’s role
Parents play a central role in preventing bullying and stopping it right when it happens.
• Parents should teach their children to solve the problems without any violence and harming others
• Spending more time with their children
• Parents should be aware of the changes in the child's behavior
• Contact the school regarding the child's academic performance
• Listen to the child's problems and help them to solve it
• Parents should be aware of their children's daily activities and also take care of their health

Each one of us has a role to play too. If you know someone who may be being bullied, stand up for him or her. Our professional team of psychologist is here to help and is just a call away!


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