Insomnia Treatments

by cadabamshospital

21 July,2017 | 3 years read

Are you aware of planning your diet?

It might sound creepy but the truth is diet plays a vital role in your sleep, if you are closing the day with an imbalanced diet it might result in Insomnia gradually. It is suggested by the researchers that you need to drop your carbohydrates consumptions before going to sleep. If your body getting busy with burning the foods, definitely you might lose the comfortability on sleep.

Tip:  Following controlled diet and taking healthy foods can may your day better and comfortable and important factor, getting rid of insomnia. foods that are high in magnesium and potassium are recommended.

Undergoing stress might also count:

Insomnia is closely linked with stress, where an individual is under a considerable amount of stress might encounter insomnia, which affects their quality of sleep and also makes their sleeping really hard and difficult. Most of the suffering individuals generate anxiety and stress by thinking about their past or future problems and finding a reason- 'because of this am awake' which they might unaware of the triggering point which causes them insomnia.

Tip: Along with the imbalanced diet, stress can make you an nocturnal. The most recommended and possible way to overcome insomnia is to reduce your stress level naturally by having some good and relaxed massage, Meditation takes 15 to 30 minutes a day, practicing exercise or yoga, consume B- vitamins foods and abdominal breathing

Electric devices @ late nights can pave the way:

As mentioned above is a direct stress which disturbs your sleep. This is an indirect way that keeps your brain active throughout the nights. The brain can't turn off because of ceaseless thinking. Watching TV, smart phone and laptops that stimulus, particularly the blue light which actually convinces your pineal gland inside your brain to keep it running all along the day.  

Tip: Researchers recommend that about 30 min at least you must be ideal without using any electronic devices before going bed. Rather than that start reading or writing some good books or start journaling that helps you to relax. it creates some hormone in your body called endorphins that help to get a nice and good sleep.

How your lifestyle influence to insomnia:

Some of our day to day activities can also influence insomnia as follows. Day-time sleeping, night shift works, noise sleeping environment, job loss depression, a future event that causes excitement, different time zone (country migration). Apart from this personal fulfillment matters.

Tip: The absence of personal fulfillment is a major culprit which makes you feel sleepless. Activity and rest should be at a well-balanced level. Maintain a dark environment and dull nights at night also temperature under 17-degree Celsius can help you to feel comfortable for sleeping. It is also very important to maintain your mindset to be positive and happy. You can't change the things. So do the change which will work.

For professional help:

What ever discussed in this blog is a short-term remedy for complete and quality recovery reaches professional help. Talking about professionalism Cadabam's groups provide the best treatment for insomnia with most upgraded evidence based therapies like CBT(cognitive behavioural therapy) and Bio-feedbacks. Reach us @ +91 97414 76476


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