Bipolar Disorder

Learning to Spot the Manic Depression Symptoms in Adults

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Like any health concern, there are warning signs of Bipolar disorder depression or manic depression. Regrettably, these indicators are challenging to spot in some persons. However, treating the illness can be complicated if you aren't even aware that you or your close have it.

Manic Depression Symptoms in adults - Briefly Explained

Bipolar disorder depression

  • Feeling of extreme overwhelm-

There are circumstances when an individual with this medical condition will feel enormous delight and contentment, and there will be other occasions where their sense of desperation is extreme and overwhelming.

  • Sudden shift in the moods-

People with manic depression frequently progress from mood to mood as if they were giving a person a handshake. If you know an individual who is often happy one minute, and then remote or down the next, this mental disease might be the reason.

  • Sleeplessness-

A further warning sign to look out for is a failure to keep up a regular sleep schedule. There may be occasions when an individual sleeps for long hours in a row, while at other times the individual doesn't sleep for two or three days in a row. This lack of ability to sustain a consistent sleep schedule is very common for persons with this form of depression.

  • Feeling of hopelessness-

The illness causes drastic changes in temperament, feeling extremely depressed and hopeless, with periods of normal temperament between changes.

  • Suicidal tendencies-

The person’s mind becomes the home of all kinds of negative thoughts, which often include suicidal thoughts when the illness he or she is suffering from is the manic-depressive disorder.

What causes Bipolar disorder depression Behavior?

The causes of bipolar disorder are not specific but the illness typically begins in adolescence or during early adulthood and continues throughout life. It's often not recognized as an illness and people with the disease may suffer needlessly for years or even decades.

Although a specific genetic link to manic-depressive disorder has not been determined, studies show that 80 to 90 percent of people suffering from this disease have family members with some form of depression. As a result, many specialists in the field say that there is some type of biological relationship. People with this disorder go from state to state, from manic to depressive quickly.

Bipolar disorder depression or Manic depression treatment

If you are afflicted with the manic-depressive disorder, you might have a hard time coping with your compulsions. Once you get a plan in your mind, then you could feel as if you have to do something about it without delay. This is way too many people with this disorder drop out of school or change occupations at the drop of a hat. A lot of them may not even be able to keep up steady friendships or make long-term plans that they will be able to stick to.

A manic-depressive disorder is a treatable neurological brain disorder. Once a person is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, they should seek medical methods to alleviate the symptoms. A good treatment plan usually includes medication, therapy, and support groups.

Since this condition may affect young people from an early age it is necessary and important for parents to seek guidance and information to work with children or adolescents diagnosed with a manic-depressive disorder.

The worst thing you can do is to suffer in silence with a manic-depressive disorder. However, there is definitely help and hope available all around, make sure you make use of it starting today.

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