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Signs of Manic Depression or Bipolar depression in Young Adults

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Globally, Manic depression or bipolar depression ranks first among the top 10 causes of deaths due to mental illnesses (Source: World Health Organization).

In particular,  age group of 15 to 25 typically faces increased episodes of manic depression.

bipolar depression

What is bipolar depression or bipolar depression?

bipolar depression is also known as bipolar disorder. It is a severe mental health condition with the strong fluctuation of mood swings from high manic episodes to lower depression episodes.

What is the cause of Manic depression?

The exact cause of manic depression or bipolar disorder is still unknown. Experts suggest it may be due to the change in the composition of brain functioning chemicals. Also, research shows, some genetic factors such as hereditary might also play a vital role in this disorder.

Manic episodes:

In this episode, the individual expresses a high mood where he/she functions with extreme activities.

Signs of manic episodes in adults:

  • Feeling extreme happiness: It is a high energy state where the individual feels extremely happy for long periods of time.
  • Sleep issues: The individual might face a decreased amount of sleep due to high energy and constant focus on tasks. This high-focused attention?? might make them preoccupied.
  • Racing thoughts: Here the individual might feel the inability to control or slow down their thoughts. They might think fast, be quick in movements.
  • Restlessness: The individual might undergo the feelings of extreme restlessness or impulsiveness which is due to the increased motor activity.
  • Trouble in concentrating: This symptom is associated with the racing thought as forth mentioned. Here the individual might fail to focus on a single task due to multiple ideas.
  • Delusions of grandeur: Believing that they have some special powers to understand everything or considering they can read a random event containing a special meaning.
  • Risky behaviour: Due to high impulsivity during mania, the individuals tend to take the risky activity to feel the pleasure.

Depressive episodes:

In this episode, the individual displays low mood, sense of hopelessness, excessive worry and lack of emotions.

Signs of depressive episodes in adults:

bipolar depression

  • Excessive worry: In these episodes, the individual might feel severe grief and hopelessness for random events for a prolonged stretch of time.
  • Social isolation: Unknowingly most of the individuals with bipolar isolates themselves from friends, families and adored one. This action might fuel the feeling of depression and minimize the feelings of optimism.
  • Lack of interest: The person with depressive episodes might lose their liveliness or interest in the activities which they usually enjoy.
  • Change in appetite: Sudden gain or loss in weight, unusual tiredness, feeling of restlessness and skipping meals are the major things that an individual can face in depressive episodes.
  • Lack of judgement: Focus on performing tasks, thinking patterns and decision making becomes tricky and the person might feel a lack of energy which can lead to judgemental issues.
  • Substance abuse: To minimize the symptoms of episodes and to lose touch with reality some individuals go for substance abuse (alcohol or drug abuse).
  • Irritability: The individual with this condition undergoes "mixed mania" where he/she suffers the symptom of both mania and depression simultaneously. Throughout this episode, they are often much irritable.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Options

bipolar depression

If you or your adored one is encountering the difficulty with managing manic depression or bipolar disorder, professional help is the only hope that can enhance your well-being.

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