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Managing Festival Blues

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Managing Festival Blues - Festival time around the corner!! The pressure of many things builds on. You have moved out of your nest to find a living, leaving behind all your good old days with family and friends; fighting with your sibling for that one flower pot, spending time with your family eating that yummy Christmas cake, or enjoying every bit of your ammi’s delicious biryani.

Stress Management

You miss them all. Festival is a time for many to go back to their nest to relish everything which you had in childhood and which you are missing now. But everyone is not lucky every time to enjoy everything.

Sometimes times you encounter that your roommate is leaving for his/her hometown and you have bundles of work pending to finish by the weekend and you are alone.  What to do? What to do? what to do? You curse your boss, your work, the festival to be in wrong time and in the end yourself to be working at the last moment. Eventually, you lose interest in working as you miss going home, feel sad and bored in life. So this Festival Blues.

How to cope or Managing Festival Blues:

How to cope or Managing Festival Blues


  • Accept invitation: It's ok if you have missed going home this time, you can visit your friends or any relative who is in the same town. Take gifts for them and enjoy a home away from a home.
  • Host a party: If you can't go anywhere, then call people to visit you. Have a small well-organized party and enjoy time with loved ones at your place.
  • Enjoy your solitude: it is not necessary to be in mid of people always, take time out for self-care, love yourself and enjoy that me time which you get very rare.
  • Learn to try: If you are alone then it's time to try something which you always feared of being judged, so it’s your time; try cooking a new dish, try new outfits, try everything which you never dared to do till now.
  • Eat healthy, stay healthy!: Dive into some fruits and veggies to banish those festival blues. It is known that having unhealthy foods can also cause an increase in the depression.
  • Pick up some exercises: it improves general mental health, depressive symptoms, social functioning, and vitality of the person. Try some gentle exercises to feel good.
  • Do some yoga and meditation: Perform some Vedic meditations to reboot yourself at work. It is known that effective meditation techniques reduce anxiety and stress and can work good in overcoming festival blues.
  • Get some good sleep: It will help you relax your muscles and mind thus making you energetic and productive at work.
    Because encountering festival blues can make you feel low energy levels or less enthusiastic.


If you still feel low and downward, do remember to speak out about your difficulties. Also, remember, help is always on your call, all you have to do is to just make one call @ +91 97414 76476.


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