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Festival Blues

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"'Tis the season to be jolly..." But how many of us really feel that way?

Festivals are the times we feel happy and joyous, celebrating with our friends and families is what the true spirit of Festival is really about. But on the flip side there is something known as the festival blues where one experiences anxiety, sadness, and sometimes depression. There are a number of reasons as to why this manifests, they are;

  • Loneliness- Loneliness is a number one factor when it comes to one experiencing festival blues, being away from family and friends during the festivals can be hard and take a negative toll on one’s health. Due to urbanization and job migration a lot of us live away from family causing us to feel blue during the time of festivities.
  • Toxic Relatives- Festivals are all about being and celebrating with families, sometimes they end up being the reason for our sadness. From one’s overbearing uncle to critical aunt can end up unnerving us.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)- A lot of the population experience SAD which is experiencing depression especially during the winters. The gloomy and dull weather and the lack of sunlight are the reasons for individuals experiencing the same.
  • Finances- Festivities take a huge toll on one’s finances, buying gifts for relatives and friends end up being a huge matter of concern to a lot of families. The stress of finances end up being so devastating that one finds it hard to celebrate.
  • Stress- Stress increases considerably during the festivities. The pressure to please, planning dinners, shopping, etc all contribute to one feeling overworked and tired.
  • Pressure to feel happy- This ends up being largely the reason for our unhappiness. The need to feel delightful, go out of the way with our celebration plans, to have the best plans during this time can end up making us feel unhappy. The problem here is the discrepancy between how you actually feel and how you’re supposed to feel.

Here are some ways to help you beat those festival blues away:

  • Plan your festivities in advance. Uncertainty can give rise to feeling pressured. Planning can relieve some of that stress and help you manage your finances better.
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Maybe you’re living away from home but that should not let you bring down your spirit. Reach out to your friends in your current place and celebrate with them. If you really have no one, volunteer at a NGO or spend time with at the orphanage or a home for the aged. Companionship is everywhere you just got to go there and seek it. The end experience can be very gratifying.
  • Don’t seek perfection. Celebrations aren’t supposed to be about perfectionism but about experiences and moments. Rise above that facade and celebrate the way you really want. Remember it’s about the togetherness and goodwill that really matters.
  • Seek help. Sometimes our sadness and anxiety can stem even deeper and can all lose its voice in the sounds of celebration, if you are unable to cope don’t hesitate to seek help.

Our society by and large creates this whole facade about festivities, from consumerism to the pressure to be happy. Never forget the real spirit of celebration comes from within. Wish you all a very happy festive time. If you find it difficult to manage your festival blues, contact now for help on +919741476476.

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