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10 Exam Stress Tips For Parents (How to Help Your Child Do Better)

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The stress of the exam is not an uncommon phenomenon. With so much competition, it is natural for students to be worried about how they will perform, what type of paper they will be getting or whether or not they have prepared properly. While stress is natural during exam time, stressing excessively can impact the overall well-being of the student. And that can make a healthy situation worse.

Parents play a pivotal role in helping students manage their stress and study for the exams in a more relaxed manner. Parents should be educated about how stress can impact their children and what they can do to make them feel relaxed. 

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Is Your Teen Dealing With Exam Stress?

As a parent, it is hard to perceive adolescent misery due to exam stress. It is not only your child facing these particulars. In India, 82.2% of students encounter high-stress levels a week before the exam. A study conducted by the National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine states- Stress is a major cause of suicide among students. 

What is the reason behind this immense percentage of stress? There are so many parents who still don’t understand and empathize with their children's struggle. So, let's decode exam stress and provide teens with good emotional wellbeing.

Who's To Be Blamed?

Before going to solutions, admit some of the faults as a parent. In some way, you are also the reason for their exam stress. Yes! You read that right. The exams become a judgmental factor in determining a student's social status. 

We compare them to the next-door kid and want him/her to score higher than them. The first question from a relative will be 'How well is your academics?'. Psychologically we have given them a threat of 'You must-study well'. Belatedly, what is the point of asking them not to feel stressed, anxious, and restless?  

Here are the 10 ways parents can help their kids beat exam stress!

Help them

When they are brewing under pressure, it is hard to concentrate on studies. Just sit alongside and help them with their studies, which will boost their confidence level. Don’t be busy on your phones while sitting next to them though.

Avoid isolation

Most often, parents leave their kids alone in a room while studying. It is a good idea to make them feel at peace and concentrated. However, don't make them sit alone for a longer duration. This detachment makes them feel discomfort with studies.

Talk to them

How do you feel now? Does the action plan work? Are you relaxed now? Talk to them and know how they are feeling mentally and physically. This care and support can make them more active and provides motivation and a sense of belonging. Also, make sure you are not too pushy there! 

Is the room messy? It's okay

If they leave their room messy, it's okay. Remember they are already under stress so, don't pressurize them for extra chores. Let it be messy. That said though, a clean environment is conducive to study; so help them a bit in cleaning the mess.

Love and support

To boost their motivation and confidence level, show them your care, love, and support. Make them understand your shoulders are always there to lean on. Also, get them to know exams are not the end for them.

Manage their health

Avoid foods that contain junk, high-fat, and high-sugar. Nourish the body with lots of healthy grub. Fuel their mind and body with lots of green veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Stop comparing

Every teen is different by nature, and so are their interests. Don't compare them with others. It might make them feel worse and will keep them demotivated.

Give more water

Keeping the body hydrated is important for proper brain functioning. The body needs at least 2 liters/ day. Dehydration might make them feel uneasy with muscle cramps and headaches. So, make sure they are drinking enough water.

Let them take a break

Let them step outside. They cannot be with books all the time; let them step out and get a breath of fresh air. This will avoid them procrastinating; this will boost their productivity. Furthermore, it will help them focus better.

Find professional help

If there is something still bothering them or they are consistently struggling in managing exam stress, seek professional help. Counseling can make you understand the graph of where there are? And what they need? Reach Cadabam's Hospitals for betterment; call us @ +91 97414 76476.

These are 10 exam stress tips for parents on how they can help their child perform better and be mentally healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why do students experience exam stress?

As the exam approaches, a majority of students become stressed. While this phenomenon is quite natural, it must not get out of control. Parents should be aware of the reasons why the students get exam stress and help them cope with the situation in a better way. Following are some of the reasons that can cause exam stress –

  • Students get worried about how they will perform in the exam.
  • They have difficulty understanding what they are studying. 
  • Students feel that they did not have adequate time to study, or they feel unprepared.
  • They have a lot of information to recall prior to the exam.
  • Students are worried about the uncertainties associated with the exams.
  • They need to get a certain score to be eligible for another course. 

2. How exam stress affects students?

Exams and schoolwork are two of the most stressful things in students’ life. It is common for parents to overlook exam stress as something that is a part of being a student. But if the issue is left uncontrolled and untreated, then exam stress can take a toll on the kid’s life.

Students who suffer from exam stress can experience reduced grades. Along with academic impact, exam stress can also impact the overall mental well-being of the students. It may result in lower self-esteem, lack of motivation, lower confidence, etc. 

3. What are the symptoms associated with exam stress?

Each student experiences exam stress differently. However, below are the common symptoms linked to exam stress- 

  • Losing appetite 
  • Overeating 
  • Having difficulty in making decisions 
  • Not being able to enjoy the activities that they generally do.
  • Losing contact with friends 
  • Being moody or overwhelmed
  • Feeling butterflies in the stomach.
  • Headaches or tensed muscles 
  • Poor sleeping pattern
  • Trouble staying motivated to start studying. 
  • Nail biting, teeth grinding, or fidgeting
  • Being confused

4. How to give your exams calmly?

Following are some tips that will ensure your kids’ exams go smoothly – 

  • Eat a healthy and light breakfast to keep you energized and well-focused. 
  • Follow the basic tips to beat exam stress.
  • A night before, organize the things that you need to take with you on the exam day. 
  • When you sit down for your exam, take a slow breath and relax. 
  • Read your exam paper carefully and underline key instructions and words. 

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