Can Psychotherapy Talk therapy help?

by cadabamshospital

15 June,2017 | 4 years read

Psychotherapy talk therapy is often questioned about its effectiveness. Why due to lack of knowledge as to what it is and how does it work. Psychotherapy is not a mere conversation between two people. It is more of a two-way interaction wherein both the therapist and the client work towards a goal. This goal may vary from person to person.

Empirically too, studies have shown that this talk therapy is effective in helping an individual through their difficulties. With the now widespread awareness about mental health, people are more frequently approaching professional for help. When there are a lot of people actually taking up this therapy there has to be a reason behind it being effective and helpful. Here let us discuss how Psychotherapy talk therapy works for an individual with their difficulties.

How does talk therapy work?

Psychotherapy Talk therapy

  • Safe environment: Why would someone opt to talk to a stranger about their most intimate issues? Psychotherapy talk therapy provides you with a safe setting wherein you are allowed to share whatever you want about your issues. The therapists here do not judge what the individual has to say. The feeling of being judged by the person you are talking to tend to cease in a psychotherapy session, you know that the person in front of you will listen to your issues without any bias and is there to help you.
  • Understand the issue: Talking to a therapist helps you understand your issues better. A therapist does not simply sit and listen; they also tend to ask you questions. These questions help you look at the difficulty from a different perspective. To answer the questions as the individual digs in deep they find a clearer view of their problem and at times the cause of the difficulty.
  • Find solutions: One fact about a therapy that has to be understood is that; therapists do not give any solution rather they help you find one. Their work here is to help and direct you to find these solutions. They also provide ways in which you can cope with the difficulty and tips on how to make you feel better.
  • Self-discovery: Most of the times, no matter what problem you come with to a therapist, the whole process helps you discover something new about yourself. Some on the road to recovery many realise that they are stronger than what they thought, while others find their source of weakness. Each session helps you learn more about yourself and for many are the turning point where they find potential and direction to solve their issues.

Psychotherapy talk therapy- will therapy help me?

Talk therapy may work differently for different individuals but it works with one particular belief. The belief that an individual has the ability to overcome and solve their issues. But with a lot of negative events happening it makes them doubt this potential they possess.

Talk to a psychologist or a therapist. They are here to help the individuals realise this potential. Individuals are capable but only need a push to see it and psychotherapy talk therapy acts as that ‘push’. To book your talk therapy for a better outlook on your life, call now on +919741476476 or contact Cadabam’s Hospitals today.


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