Does marriage counselling work?

by cadabamshospital

22 February,2017 | 4 years read

Marriage is not an easy feat, marriage requires work. Believing that marriage counsellors are magicians that will swirl their wands and somehow make your marriage work is a misconception. A number of factors are involved in order to make marriage counselling work, from how well you respond to the therapist’s techniques, to the amount of effort your willing to offer in order to change and the gravity of your problem.

Marriage counselling aids in your marriage when:

  • Communicate better with your spouse.

Communication is the key to any successful marriage. If you and your spouse are not able communicate better with each other, it can cause lasting damage. The therapist can help you get back on the right direction, can teach you effective ways of communication as well as understanding the other’s point of view and empathizing with each other. Not being able to communicate effectively can cause feelings of depressed, insecurity and disregard for one another.

  • Infidelity crawls into the union.

Infidelity can cause a huge amount of strain in a marriage. Recovering, forgiving and forgetting are great challenges to incur when a spouse has been infidel. The therapist can offer guidance, support as well as perspective to help you forgive and move ahead. Commitment and honesty can help you move ahead in times like this, unless you choose otherwise.

  • Your marriage is a loveless one.

When your marriage is just a means of having better living situation, you need counselling. There needs to exist an element of intimacy, conversation and genuine likeness for each other. Just being roommates is not enough for your marriage. Co-existing is not enough.

Sometimes you just aren’t equipped enough to resolve your differences. A therapist can help you gain perspective, offer skills and coping techniques to guide you better, communicate openly and effectively and help you take the necessary steps to change. Sometimes you know what is wrong, but just don’t know how you can fix it. It is here that a skilled therapist may be able to guide and help you.

  • Separation is your only resolution.

Separation does not resolve anything; in fact it only reinforces the problem. The therapist can help you resolve the problem without spending time away from each other. Marriage counselling can save your marriage. Unless the relationship demands a closure due to unhealthy factors that is part of the marriage.

Seeking therapy as soon as you realize your marriage needs assistance can help you save your marriage. For best chances of a successful marriage, premarital counselling can be sought. Call us now on +919741476476 to work out your relationship and save your marriage.