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How Effective is Marriage Counseling?

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Marriage is not easy and neither is the marriage counseling you’re going for to work out your marriage. No therapist can save your marriage if you are not ready to work in collaboration with your partner. It requires two people working in harmony, mutual respect and love for a happy relationship.

Marriage Counseling Help or Ways of Counseling therapy

Marriage Counseling

Here are a few ways that you can make a note of the next you’re going for marriage counseling therapy.

  • Keep your egos out: Marriage is a union and in a union, you are not alone. And so it is important to stop looking at everything from an egocentric or a self-centered point of view. You have to look at things from the other’s perspective. Marriage has no place for ‘I’.
  • Give each other the benefit of the doubt: Do not jump to conclusions, and don’t be hard on each other. It’s is easy to forget the love and respect we held for each other in that moment of fury. Listen to them, understand their perspective. Be kind to each other.
  • Be empathetic towards each other: Your lack of empathy towards one another is the biggest problem in a relationship. Put yourself in each other shoes and understand that perspective; understand they're angry, their defenses. Don’t forget each other in the battle.
  • Set goals for your relationship: Establish goals with your therapist/ counselor. This will help with direction and positive change and also it will be easy for you to track your progress.  Your goals could include behavioral changes, emotional changes or attitudinal changes.
  • Reflect what your relationship means to you and be willing to make those necessary changes:  A relationship cannot be saved solely by one person; it needs to be in collaboration. Both need to be a catalyst for positive change. Therapy is processed and every process requires time. Don’t hurry each other, be patient and support each other.
  • Identify the roles you have played in the relationship problems:  It's easy to blame the ongoing problem or issue on each other than taking responsibility. Both play catalyst hence identifies and accept your wrongdoings.

Reach a Professional right now!

Remember marriage counseling therapy is not a competition, there are no winners. The only thing that needs to win is ‘our relationship’.

In the end, let’s not forget those vows we took with each other, in good health and in bad; for better or for worse. For marriage counseling, call Cadabam’s Hospitals now to talk to the experts on +919741476476.

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