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Helping Someone with Bipolar disorder? Here’s what to Remember

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Educating those on whom someone with Bipolar disorder is dependent for help and support can be invaluable to treatment."

When someone is diagnosed with a physical health condition, very easily we seek out for help and support. We know what and where to get help. But, why is it not the same when someone is diagnosed with a mental health condition such as Bipolar? Did you ever give it a thought? The answer lies in the fact that most of us aren’t aware or sure of what the illness is about and how to help the person.

Bipolar disorder

If you like to know more about what is bipolar disorder and what it is not- click the link above.

People with bipolar are Warriors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want help- in fact, they need it! This World Bipolar Day, here are some important things no one tells you while helping Someone with Bipolar disorder.

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8 things to remember for Helping Someone with Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder

Here are a few things which no one tells about what to keep in mind while helping a loved one with Bipolar disorder-

  • See the person first and the bipolar last- Bipolar disorder doesn't define the person, it is just a part of them just like having brown hair or no hair. Remember, they are not bipolar. They have bipolar. This one really makes a difference.
  • Know that Bipolar disorder is real: They are not using bipolar as an excuse for what they say or do, the feeling they are experiencing is something real. It's a serious life-threatening, incurable mental illness, but definitely manageable.
  • Be understanding as much as you can: They really feel everything through the human experience at an unimaginable level of intensity with every part of them like- mind, body and soul. It can literally affect the way if the body has some physical pain. They are doing their best in what they can to manage it.
  • They need your help: When they push you away, it is actually when they need you the most. They need more than anything at those times basically as gentle loving kindness. It's hard to do but attempt to see the person suffering underneath the confusing and often hard emotions of a bipolar disorder that you're witnessing.
  • Be their listening-ear: When they are falling into pieces and you want to help to keep the pieces together, all they want is a pleasant companionship. Sometimes just being a good listener is the best thing you can to help a loved one with Bipolar disorder. And, the best part is listening does not require much energy as well.

Bipolar disorder

  • Don't judge if they isolate from you: Sometimes they take time to get normal as everything may seem overwhelming and they are not ignoring you. Sometimes they can't socialize when the sky is falling. So be patient with them.

Bipolar disorder

  • Please learn about the illness: It could be so hard to describe a life of total extreme polar opposites. It can be hard to understand ourselves. If you really care and want to help- get educated. There is a whole world that resources out there dedicated to bipolar disorder. Check out the videos, read books about them. If you want to know more, check out this interesting video link about Bipolar disorder.
  • They are grateful for you- It can be achingly lonely for them without you. They are truly sorry for the things they might have lashed out or dumped on you during the times you tried to help them while they are crashing. They know it's not easy and the bottom line is they love you, thank you and their lives are better with family and friends.

Bipolar disorder

We hope this article would have inspired, educated and helped you in knowing more about this serious illness.

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Let's begin a conversation to help those dealing with Bipolar.

Bipolar disorder

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