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Learning To Love Yourself

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Love yourself- Love your laugh, love your style, love your heart, your soul, your smile, love your voice, love your touch!!

It is always easier to love someone else. Your child, your parent, your partner. But have you ever focused much or focused at all on how to love yourself. Have you ever thought how important it is to love oneself? It is vital because it helps you accept yourself with the flaws you may have and be aware of yourself and allow yourself to grow & nourish.

We all at many times faltered in loving ourselves. Maybe our situations demand us to subject ourselves to doubt or our plain insecurities creep their way into the open. Whatever may be the case we do tend love ourselves less. It is crucial in life to make a decision to commit to loving yourself unconditionally. This decision will not affect your life but also the relationships you choose to have with others.

Tips to Love Yourself:

Love Yourself

  • Connect with yourself: Here learn to pay more attention to self-care and self –reflection. With the help of mindfulness meditation, contemplation, and the experience of few quiet moments you can learn to make a connection with yourself. Hence learn the process of appreciating oneself.
  • Make peace with your flaws: It is important to face your weaknesses and making peace you’re your flaws. Your weaknesses only make you human. Heal yourself from all your insecurities; look inside and allow yourself to be. From therapy, support groups to mind-body programs there are a variety of avenues on which you can achieve healing.
  • Forgive your past: All your hurt, regret and animosity would only bring your energy down. Learn to forgive your past and all the mistakes and regrets.
  • Accept yourself: Learn to accept yourself wholeheartedly without any condition. Learn to respect, love and care for yourself, you deserve it. There already is enough criticism and hate going around ourselves, we don’t need to add to that hate. Accept yourself is crucial to love yourself.
  • Build relationships based on love and respect: Loving yourself involves learning to invest and build in relationships that reflect the love and respect back. Family, friends, and partners in your life need to provide you with the same kind of love and respect that you have now learned to provide yourself with. And the same must be given back.

Seek a Help!

Loving yourself is essential for your personal and individual growth. Sometimes to get to the place of loving and accepting yourself you require help; be it family, friends, lovers, mentor, confidant or even a therapist.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself, you don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

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