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Finding ‘the one’ can be quite a journey. And most advice available tends to be   superficial that mostly focuses on seduction and other frivolous theories. Mindful dating helps you refocus and reconnect. Here are a few steps on how to achieve that:

  • Listen to yourself.

Your inner voice is a good judge of what you like and what you dislike. If you are in relationship with someone that your inner voice is constantly criticizing or making remarks it is better not to be with that person. This can be especially hard when you’re with someone solely for their attractiveness. It is better you figure out that you connect to the person now than later. It’ll save you all that energy.

  • Be in the right place for it.

This is the most important aspect of yourself that you need to be in sync with. It is extremely crucial to ask yourself if or not you want to be in a relationship. Sometimes we meet the right person but we’re just not in the right place to be with them. Be at sync with your inner feelings and self before you take a decision to get involved with another person. Mindfulness techniques will help you get in sync with yourself.

  • Be present in the moment

Don’t indulge in fantasy dating, where in you get carried away by your imagination than actually sees things for what they are.  Just dating for a few days and already planning for a wedding is a bit too much. Also judging someone on the way they dress and the movies they like is also not helpful. When you do so you begin to like or dislike the person not for who they actually are but for what you imagined them to be.

  • Engage in mindful lovemaking.

Be aware of what your partner’s needs are and tune yourself to their responses. Listen and give feedback. Also having a sense of humour always helps. Lovemaking needs to be engaged in a two way. Focusing only on one’s pleasures will just unwind a relationship.

  • Be kind to your partner.

Mindfulness teaches about being aware, be aware of your actions and how they affect others. Be respectful and kind towards each other. Especially when you break off a relationship. Breaking off a relationship can bring about so many emotions, be kind when you are going through it. Just because you’ve fallen out of love doesn’t apply the same to the individual.

  • Be open.

Openness is much different than honesty. Being open means to be transparent. Where you are willing to share your thoughts and feeling in any given time or moment with your partner. Having an open conversation is builds bond and intimacy that strengthens long-term relationship.

  • Communicate without blame

When you are angry or feel other negative intense emotions try to communicate with them in healthy way where you don’t sling blame at each other. Don’t be passive aggressive about your feelings rather be open and let them know how exactly they make you feel in a calm and collected way. Be honest but in a respectful manner.

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