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Sleeping Issues and Stress

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What is stress?

Stress is one of the emotion that makes us respond, weaken and involve in our daily life, both physically and mentally. Most of us think stress is nothing but negative energy that revolves around our brain. The fact is the right amount of stress can help us to move our life forward by giving positive force, keep alert and energetic. If the composition is a little bit higher it can make us feel low energy, tense and anxious which leads to sleeping problems.

Why you need sleep daily?

A good and hygienic sleep can make us feel refreshed and healthy from fatigue, stress and etc. We sleep to build and repair the body cells after experiencing wear and tear of the previous day also it needs to be done at least 6 to 8 hours most importantly at daily basis. In the case of sleep absence, the brain can't function at a full flow. It can produce a new cell called neuroplasticity. Lack of sleep might leads you to several problems in daily life as follows.

Lack of judgment:

Due to the shortened sleep, the people might find difficulty in judgment making.  Especially the person who works in the field of analysis this conditions becomes little tricky. This is due to the sleeplessness that consumed the mental alertness skill of the suffering individual.

Lead to gain weight:

30 % of the people who sleep less than 6 hours possibly become obese. This is because of the sleep factor is directly related to hunger and appetite which lands on obesity. Shortened sleep not only stimulate appetite but also triggers the craving for high-carbohydrates and high-fat foods. Researchers found that limit and quality foods should be a standard part of weight loss program.


You might come across the person using the phrase "what am coming to say now?". These forgetfulness issues are due to the shortened sleep or sleeplessness. The researchers found that this is due to the brain event called "sharp wave ripples" which are responsible for consolidating memory also where long-term memory stored during deep sleep.

Pre-aging due to lack of sleep:

The individual who lost sleep for 2 or 3 days might have puffy eyes and sallow skin might also lead to lacklustre skin, fine lines, and dark circle under the eyes. Lack of sleep stimulates more stress hormone cortisol the protein which makes the skin smooth and elastic with the little amount of human growth hormone.

Learn few tips to sleep:

  • Block 7 to 9 hours of the night for uninterrupted sleep
  • Maintain a regular and routine bedtime
  • Don't use blue screen LED at bedtime (TV, laptop, and smartphones)
  • Don't pay or estimate bills before sleeping
  • Avoid usage of caffeine, chocolate, nicotine or alcohol at evenings
  • Maintain the room of sleep in a cool, dark and silent mode
  • Exercise regularly(don't do before bedtime)
  • Use bed only when you feel tired
  • Don't take naps in the afternoon
  • Talk to a professional, if necessary

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