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Home Based counseling

Counselling is nothing but a ‘Talk therapy’ that encourages people to speak their minds out. Many times, you might find yourself assuming the role of a counsellor when you try to convince your friends, partner, or significant other to open up about their problems. You may not be a professional counsellor but you help the other person by talking to them and helping them vent out their issues.

However, in many cases you’re aren’t equipped to deal with the gravity of the problems they share or provide the right advice. In such a scenario, you have to refer the individual to a professional counsellor.

Professional counselling, on the other hand, occurs when a client and counsellor performs this talk therapy or counselling to help the client see things more clearly by focusing on their experiences, behaviour, or feelings. They help clients –

  • to identify their goals or struggles, which are causing them an emotional turmoil
  • to find potential solutions to their problems
  • to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem
  • promote behaviour change and optimal mental health.

What is Home-Based Counselling?

Home counselling services refers to when counselling and therapy sessions are provided from the comfort of your own home. Home based counselling is where the counsellor or the therapist visits your home and provides counselling in your own home, in your comfort zone. This is beneficial for a lot of people who are hesitant to go to a clinic or a hospital for counselling. The person feels more comfortable in their own premises.

The most common scenarios where people opt for in-home counselling, is when they are fearful of visiting a hospital or clinic, chronic illness, immobility, responsibilities at home that restrict you from stepping out, or phobias.

Home-based therapy can be conducted by – 

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Counsellors
  • Social workers and
  • Other mental health professionals

The therapist may ask other mental health experts to join them during in-home counselling, where the other acts as a partner during treatment. Counselling at home is most beneficial for children and teenagers as they feel more comfortable in their home, or in their room.

The environment becomes more congenial as they can express themselves better in their comfort zone. It helps the counselor as well, as they can observe their activities, behaviour, better while they are in their safe-haven. It helps to build a connection both ways. 

Typically home-based counselling program deals with issues such as:

  • Depression &  Anxiety
  • Grief-reaction
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Family dispute  
  • Symptoms of Trauma
  • Behaviour Management
  • Life Skills development (communication, time management, and social skills)
  • Life coaching
  • Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

Home-based counselling uses various therapy models like cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness, REBT, and many others for therapy. In-home counselling is also very beneficial for family therapy sessions, we all the members of the family could be available.

Types of Home-Based counselling Services:

  • Individual Therapy – It is a one-on-one basis talk session with a therapist.
  • Couples therapy – In this type of home-based therapy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight on their relationship and resolve their conflicts. 
  • Play Therapy – It is used primarily for children.
  • Family Therapy – This type of counselling helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Advantages of Home Based Therapy

The collaborative process of counselling at home and its benefits go far beyond just resolving mental health issues. By employing the home-based therapeutic techniques, great patient outcomes  can be seen such as: 

  • Enhances and strengthens relationships
  • Breaks the cycle of addiction or abuse related issues within the family atmosphere
  • Empowers the patient as well the family to develop a community support system
  • Provides continuous and customized care
  • Improves the caregiver’s discipline 
  • Increases family associations with positive influences
  • It helps to improve vocational and/or academic performance
  • Helps the person to engagement in positive recreational behaviors
  • Anger management and social skills development.

Limitations of Home-based Counselling:

There are a few limitations of home-based counselling too. One important consideration is the safety concerning both the family member as well as the therapist or the counsellor. Another limitation would be about the consistency or reliability of the sessions. This can even require some extra time scheduling which can account for the time required for travelling.

Also, the lack of necessary equipment makes it difficult to cater to psychiatric emergencies in the case of home-based therapy. Most of the counsellors identify it as a hindrance in controlling the therapy session.

Things to keep in mind while in a Home-based Counselling:

Every practice of home-based counselling services may have some potential challenges or difficulties. Some might evaluate confidentiality or safety to be more of a worry for home-based counselling therapy. Also, be prepared and flexible because the more you are real, genuine, and honest to your own self and towards the therapist, the more beneficial your treatment results are going to be.

If you are searching for home-based counselling services near me, then Cadabams Hospitals is here to help you out. Cadabams is a mental health treatment centre with a wide range of professionals providing home based counselling, including family doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, and trained counsellors. You can choose the in-home counselling services  you would like based on the available slots. Call us @ +91 97414 76476 for further details.

Cadabam’s home-based counselling services include:

  • Marital counselling: to improve intimacy and help resolve conflicts.
  • Family counselling: to improve communication within the family unit and to enhance relationships and strengthen bonds.
  • Personal counselling: to increase an individual’s self-awareness, encourage self-exploration, identify boundaries, enhance communication skills, and improve the use of healthy coping skills. 
  • Child & adolescent counselling: to increase self-esteem, confidence, and assertiveness
  • Parenting counselling: which aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, to have a healthy relationship with a child.

Other Services Includes:

  • Online counselling
  • EAP (Employee Assisted Program)
  • School Mental Health Programs
  • 24-hour psychiatric emergency and crisis support

The first in-home counselling session takes approximately 40 to 45 minutes which aids the counselor to determine how to best assist you. This first mode of counselling could be face-to-face and online counselling. If you are uncomfortable with online counselling, you can request counselling at home. A therapist will work with you to set the right goals. They will not only guide and support you but also help you to challenge your life situations. Cadabams Hospitals have certified professionals who have expertise in providing mental health treatment services from the comfort of your home. 

Online Home Counselling

Social distancing is mandatory in these pandemic times and in such a scenario you can consult a home counselor online. You can call us to book an online appointment. Get in touch with your home counsellor at Cadabams and before session, send your therapist a message from anywhere, at any time – on web or mobile.

 You are ensured to have a therapy session all from the privacy of your device. You don’t have to worry about the extra commute or stepping out of your home during the pandemic if you choose to have a home counselling session online. To know about online home counselling fees, session timings, and availability of doctors, do get in touch with us.

Home Counselling FAQs: All you need to know

How is home counselling different?

Home-based counselling is where the therapist visits the client’s home and provides counselling at their premises. Home counselling services are very helpful for those who are dealing with emotional problems but are uncomfortable talking about it. When they get to open up sitting right at their home, it becomes easier for them to have the counselling session. In simpler terms, it is like having counselling therapy sessions from the comfort of an individual’s home.

What are the different counselling services?

Counselling is a collaborative process that involves talk therapy to focus on personal problems. These can include but are not limited to anxieties about academics, conflicts with friends, relationship or partner problems, career indecision or re-evaluating professional goals, habit control problems, low self-confidence, excessive feelings of stress, anxiety or depression, grief, loneliness, sleep disturbance, procrastination, suicidal thoughts, identity issues, and/or gender identity concerns.

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