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Is anxiety genetic?

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Have you wondered why some people can work life pressures while others succumb to it? What sets these people apart? A number of factors but one of them is genetics. Researchers studied and analyzed that genetic make-up is involved with causing anxiety in individuals.

There is a 30 to 40 percent of probability to genetic predisposition when it come to having anxiety. Also an important thing to understand here is no two members of the family can have similar anxiety. Genetics are at play but also along with it are environmental factors. Environmental factors that may trigger anxiety include stressful life events, traumatic events, troublesome family and personal relationships, poor social support, monetary issues, poor health, etc.  Research also suggests that if anxiety could develops even though the environment factors are none or few it mostly has to do with underlying genetic risk.

Now let’s understand some of the other factors that cause anxiety:

  • Psychogenic factors

Anxiety can also be learnt. Often time’s family members that suffer from anxiety and its symptoms pass on the behaviour off to other members or their off springs. Anxiety can also be the product of an individual’s maladaptive ways of living and responding to a stress full situation.  Due to those situations our bodies too end up responding the same symptom like.

But since we have adopted these anxious ways of living we can also learn to live less anxiously, too. By identifying and addressing those unhealthy behaviours we can try to eliminate anxiety at its root. If willing to work and learn to live healthier anxiety disorder can be reversible.

  • Chemical imbalances in the brain.

Chemicals in the brain known as nor epinephrine, serotonin and gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) show a connection in the development of anxiety. Imbalances in these chemicals either due to poor coping styles or just imbalances can lead to experiencing anxiety. These chemicals also play a role in sleep, emotional and mood stability.

Psychological interventions along with medications have shown to regulate these chemical imbalances. Irrespective of there being a biological component one can overcome anxiety.

  • Brain activity

Along with chemicals themselves, research has also shown that individuals with anxiety have different brain activities than individuals that do not have anxiety. From those with anxiety disorders may have abnormalities in brain metabolism, structural abnormalities and blood flow in different areas of the brain.

But the same studies have also said with effective anxiety treatments, these changes can be overcome. The changes in the brain activity are more due to the result of anxiety and not the cause of anxiety, indicating that with effective treatment these changes would disappear.

  • Medical conditions

Sometimes some medical conditions may cause and increase anxiety. This happens when a when some illness or disease affects the brain, causing a deregulation in the brain chemistry. By treating the illness anxiety can be prevented. However, this is a rare occurrence.

  • Other mental health conditions

Anxiety may be experiences on its own, but sometimes they may occur as co morbidity with other mental health conditions. Co morbidity is the occurrence of one or more mental health conditions. Often depression and anxiety occur together. By being able to state your symptoms correctly, depression as well as anxiety can be targeted at the same time.

  • Substance abuse

In order to manage anxiety individuals may abuse alcohol or other drugs. This may lead to individuals developing a substance abuse problem with anxiety. Substance and alcohol can only magnify anxiety. As it is used as, a poor and unhealthy coping style to deal with anxiety. By getting the proper intervention both anxiety and substance abuse can be managed.

The key aspect to remember here is genes, biology, and other situational factors do not dictate you destiny. Anxiety is a manageable and reversible mental health condition. Psychologists will help you discover the root cause of your anxiety; with proper psychological interventions they can be manoeuvred for good. For appointment with our expert psychologists, call us on +919741476476.

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