Anxiety and Depression

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10 December,2016 | 3 years read

Anxiety and Depression are the different spectra of disorders yet they share a lot in common. They could also exist in co-morbidity i.e. they could occur with each other. Around 35 per cent to 85 per cent of all individuals diagnosed with one of either two disorders ends up showing symptoms of the other. A lot of the times anxiety comes along with depression; often time’s anxiety comes first. The effect of anxiety on one’s life ends up being so severe that it causes the development of depression.

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Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Anxiety and Depression Treatment


It is a serious mood disorder which is characterized by hopelessness, anger, despair, low energy, marked changes in appetite and sleep which affects their daily activities and personal relationships.


However, anxiety disorder is where an individual experiences fear, apprehension, panic, worry and nervousness. This causes significant discomfort in the individual. Here individual may also experience sudden anxiety or panic attack without any trigger. Anxiety also ends up affecting one’s daily activities and personal relationships.

Relationship between anxiety and depression symptoms

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

  • Development of one of the disorders can cause the other. Example, post a severe panic attack, a person finds themselves so devoid of energy and emotionally disturbed that they develop depression which could either temporary or long-lasting.
  • Both in depression and in anxiety individuals engage in negative thinking. Individuals with anxiety tend to be fearful of the future whereas individual depression views the future as hopeless. Both believe in possible worst outcomes of the future.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

  • Both anxiety and depression are affected by the same brain chemical; this brain chemical affects thinking and perception of the individual.
  • Both anxiety and depression are affected by the same brain chemical; this brain chemical affects thinking and perception of the individual.
  • Both have similar physical symptoms:



-Aches and pains for no distinguished reason.

Although they do share some similarities, their other symptoms do differ enough to make the disparity between the two. It is important to also understand that both these disorders may exhibit differences in different people.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

  • Individuals with anxiety may have symptoms of depression due to their anxiety. Anxiety here will always remain the major condition. They mostly occur one after the other.
  • Some individuals show symptoms of both the disorders, but not all symptoms of the particular disorder.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Bangalore

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Both anxiety and depression are quite complex but the probability of their occurrence is higher. Hence seeking professional mental health care is essential if you exhibit the symptoms of both these disorders. Both psychologists and psychotherapist will tackle and treat the disorders individually. The disorders are treatable only if you’re willing to commit to effective treatments. For the best anxiety and depression treatment in India call our mental health experts now

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