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Group Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is seen to be very effective in treating different types of mental health issues. Group therapy is conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist, therapist, or counselor. This treatment can be availed at a clinic or at a mental health organization. Group therapy for alcohol addiction specifically focuses on helping individuals equip themselves with the skills they need to battle addiction.

There are different types of group therapies for individuals who are battling alcohol addiction. These include motivation enhancement therapy, group cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs like AA, guided imagery, mindfulness, relapse prevention, and more. These programs are effective in helping recovery from addiction and in preventing relapses.

During a group therapy session, a counselor or therapist guides the entire group through various themes and topics designed to facilitate recovery. Through these themes and conversations between people, the individual develops resilience and is equipped with tools that help them overcome alcohol addiction.

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Who can conduct a group therapy session?

Group therapy sessions are conducted by a mental health professional. The professional could be a clinical psychologist, counselor, or therapist.

Where can I avail of group therapy sessions near me?

Cadabams offers advanced group therapies for individuals in Bangalore. We combine cutting-edge infrastructure and expert professionals to ensure optimal recovery.