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Alcohol addiction causes severe distress to everyone involved, including the family members. Family therapy helps overcome family conflicts and maladaptive transgenerational tendencies. In therapy, addressing issues that have resulted in resentments, misunderstandings, and alienation can aid in the restoration of family balance and well-being. Addiction is an illness that runs in families.
Family members might unwittingly harm someone with a substance use disorder (SUD) by enabling them, or they can play an important role in assisting their loved one in recovering from drug usage with the support of a family therapist. Providing family support via therapy may be an important element of recovery for both the addict and the entire family.
Family therapy can be especially beneficial for families that are dealing with the effects of substance misuse. Fear, anger, disappointment, stress, embarrassment, and frustration may be transformative for family and individual healing when they are shared in a safe therapeutic context. As determined by the family therapist, family therapy can focus on a variety of presenting problems and themes.

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