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Depression treatment

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Depression is distinct from normal mood swings and short-term emotional responses to ordinary difficulties. It can make the individual who is affected suffer severely and perform poorly at job, school, and with the family. Depression can lead to suicide in the worst-case scenario. Biofeedback is usually utilized to control stress-related disorders because of its effectiveness.

Patients who receive biofeedback therapy gain insight into the dynamics of their behaviour when they are agitated, or when they are dealing with mood-altering situations, or when they are dealing with physical health issues. The treatment is then carefully organised by the biofeedback doctors/experts after they have determined the reasons for their individual conduct. A treatment plan is developed based on the patient's aim and involuntary function assessment in order to battle stress. Cadabams offers biofeedback for depression, which is administered by qualified psychologists. Biofeedback may aid depression patients with clinical symptoms such despair, anxiety, paranoid ideation, sleep issues, and appetite.

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How many biofeedback sessions are required to treat depression?

The sessions usually last an hour, but this can vary depending on the condition and severity. Some people will feel better immediately, while others will require 8 to 10 sessions to see effects.

Does biofeedback work for everyone?

Although biofeedback is typically safe, it may not be suitable for everyone. People with specific medical disorders, such as heart rhythm abnormalities or certain skin conditions, may not be able to use biofeedback devices correctly.

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