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Depression is a disease that affects various aspects of a person’s life. Treatment options for the illness are rich. While other medications and treatment approaches will mostly focus on the symptoms and their elimination, Neurofeedback therapy will assist you in determining the basis of your mood problem, as well as working on it and improving your mood through feedback and training. People with depression have slow brainwave activity in the left frontal lobe, rather than balanced activity on both sides of the brain, which causes symptoms including exhaustion, lack of motivation, and loss of interest in daily tasks. Cadabams is one of the leading Neurotherapy treatment centres in Bangalore. Neurofeedback for depression helps engage the left frontal lobe and may help increase self-esteem. Cadabams' neurofeedback experts evaluate and analyse past health data, medical history, lifestyle, and other critical facts about a patient to better comprehend and know more about the patient's behaviour and the best treatment options.

Depression Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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How many sessions of neurofeedback are needed to treat depression?

Depression often requires about 25-30 sessions of neurofeedback therapy to show effectiveness. 

How effective is neurofeedback therapy for depression?

Neurofeedback is very effective for the treatment of depression. The success rate follows to be 70-80% on average.