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Depression can make it difficult for people to function in their personal, social, and occupational lives. Regardless of the severity of the disease, there are numerous depression treatment alternatives available to help the sufferer return to a normal life. ECT is one of the safest and most effective forms of brain stimulation. When symptoms are extremely acute, immediate interventions such as ECT treatment for depression, in addition to normal counselling and medication, may be required. ECT is most commonly used to treat individuals with severe depression who are no longer responding to medicines. Cadabams is one of India's leading ECT facilities, having a staff of the greatest medical professionals. We have an equipped team of top psychiatrists who work around the clock with psychiatrists, top therapists, psychologists, mental health nurses, and social workers to create individualised treatment plans for electroconvulsive therapy for depression that focus on long-term recovery.

Depression Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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Can ECT cause brain damage?

There is no evidence that ECT, in the form used in modern psychiatry, produces anatomical alterations in the brain. There have been a few occasions where ECT has been linked to memory loss, hypertension, or hypotension, although these are uncommon and can be avoided with proper pre-diagnosis and safeguards.

Is ECT treatment dangerous?

The use of ECT in modern psychiatry is largely considered safe. However, because there may be some confusion and disorientation following treatment, it is recommended that a family member or loved one accompany you.

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