How to overcome loneliness?

by cadabamshospital

11 March,2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

I'm Raj, let me briefly tell you my story. I broke up with my girl several years ago. I still remember the tears streaming down my face when I learnt the reality. I didn't know whom to share my emotions with. Or what to do? But as time passed, I overcame those painful emotions that came with the breakup. Yes, I was normal again and was able to project myself to be okay. But let the truth be told- Loneliness had me completely!  

overcome loneliness

Loneliness is bad!

Loneliness can be something hard to deal with. And, it is an unfortunate fact that countless people, especially in major cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, suffer from a lack of close connections. Despite having so choices, they live in loneliness.

Remember- Loneliness can be as damaging as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. Yes- you read it right!

Being lonely- brings in the feelings of overwhelming, sadness and dry spells. A person who is going through this phase of life can better tell you how it feels to be lonely. And, I understand it too.  

And if you are feeling the same, then I would have liked to tell you how to overcome loneliness- these were the 6 ways that helped me.   

6 ways how to overcome Loneliness

overcome loneliness

  • Know the reason behind your loneliness

In order to conceive changes that will positively help you, you will require to take some time to understand why you are feeling alone. In my case, feelings of missing a person caused loneliness in me.

Learn what factor is contributing to loneliness in you? Is it not feeling appreciated or cared for or not being listened to. Knowing the reasons could give you a better idea of how to manage through your emotions of loneliness.

  • Talk to your loved one

Research studies say people who spent time with family and friends were less likely to feel lonely. Speaking to loved ones is helpful in tackling loneliness. Also, socializing or maybe joining a club is a good idea to meet new people and develop social interactions. Talking to different people forges relationships as well as feeling worthy in its own right. But also remember- you spend your time with matters, too.

  • Change your way of thinking

overcome loneliness

Changing your thought patterns altogether might be a more unconditional way to overcome loneliness. Make an approach to change “manipulative thinking” – such as negative beliefs. Attending Cognitive behavioural therapy might be a great start. So consider talking with a therapist to overcome loneliness- because it helps!

  • Learn to be OKAY in your own company

Too much isolation would make anyone lonely. But discovering to enjoy living on your own can be just as essential as a good social life. Fill your time with things that interest you – and, importantly, relishing the pleasure it gives you – can go some way to overcome loneliness.  

  • Did you know how practicing Mindfulness can help?

Practicing Meditation may help ease feelings linked with loneliness. It is also an exceptional way to get more in sense with your emotions of loneliness. You begin to understand where they come from and how to tackle them. Learn more about mindfulness meditation techniques here. It may help!

  • Consider visiting a therapist

A therapist can assist you to learn and work to overcome loneliness. Feeling lonely may mean that you are sad or that you may be having any underlying mental health condition. Communicating with a therapist can help you to decide on the best path of action.

If you are looking for more ways on how to overcome loneliness in life, or you may want to look out for what psychologist says or helps, mail us your queries to if you have any or visit Cadabam’s Hospitals. Alternatively, you can reach us on our 24/7 helpline number- +91 97414 76476.