Cadabam's - Center for Adult Psychiatry

Adult psychiatry deals with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of mental illness in people aged above 18 years.

Imagine a man washing his hands repeatedly every 10 minutes and if stopped gets violent. This could be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Another could be happy for two months and then become sad for a week before going into depression. This could be Bi-polar Affective Disorder. It is these kind of illnesses that are treated under Adult Psychiatry. Other illnesses could be schizophrenia and attention deficit disorder, where people can't concentrate on one thing for long.

Under adult psychiatry, our doctors first perform an assessment of the individual through questionnaires and tests such as ink blot tests, combine it with physical tests such as imaging of the brain and even blood tests to determine the severity of the illness. Neuropsychiatry is also used in some cases. This diagnosis helps our doctors to determine the medicines to be administered and if the patient has to be treated as an in-patient or an outpatient.

Clinical psychologists are requested to intervene to help in areas such as cognitive behavior therapy and neuro-therapy among others. Family counseling and therapy is also provided to help develop a good support system for the patient.

The facility, the process and the team combine to provide the best possible care and ensure that the illness is controlled.

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