Best Psychological Counselling at Cadabam's

The traffic can cause irritability at home. The boss can cause anxiety. Living with in-laws can be a road to splitsville. But then these are ordinary problems for some and not so for others. Some others could have serious mental problems such as depression, Bi-polar, schizophrenia etc. Dealing with these issues despite medicines can be hell. This is where the science, theory and practice of psychology steps in.

From psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families to neuropsychology, Cadabam’s Hospitals has it all covered. Specialists in stress management, women’s psychology (e.g. pregnancy related issues), anxiety, depression, cognitive behavior therapy, and more are taken care of.

Other niche expertise includes neuro linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy, child and adolescent therapy, neuropsychology and marital therapy.

Please do go through our bios of clinical psychologists to assure yourself of best outcomes.


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