How to get rid of Anxiety Disorder?

It's normal to experience the occasional bout of anxiety. However, people with anxiety disorders frequently have excessive, intense and persistent fear and worry about everyday situations. Often, anxiety disorders become so severe that it reaches a peak within minutes, a condition called Panic Attacks. Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety disorder...

07 May,2020 | 3 weeks read

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Treatments For Anxiety | Signs of Anxiety Disorder

3.1 % of the Indian population suffers from anxiety disorder, says the study conducted by NIMHANS (National Mental Health and Neuro Sciences). Top psychologists in Bangalore says- people get confused between the signs of anxiety and normal uneasy emotions. Feeling nervous, worried or sad rarely is part of human existence...


13 March,2019 | 1 year read

How to overcome loneliness?

I'm Raj, let me briefly tell you my story. I broke up with my girl several years ago. I still remember the tears streaming down my face when I learnt the reality. I didn't know whom to share my emotions with. Or what to do? But as time passed, I...


11 March,2019 | 1 year read

When Should I see a Therapist?

Sometimes people have the wrong assumption that therapy is only for ‘crazy’ people- behaviours that seems to be absurdly out of condition. This is a common stigma that often stops people from receiving a little help during a hard time. You may not be ‘Crazy’, but you should be probably...


26 February,2019 | 1 year read

Effect of Bullying on your Child’s Mental health

Everyone might have noticed the news stories, have read the newspaper reports and discussed the present issues of bullying. For many of us, it's just a matter of saying, "I'm happy that it hasn't happened to my child." Or has it? Many a time our children are anxious to tell...


21 February,2019 | 1 year read

Signs of Postpartum Depression In Men

Remember the day you saw your baby for the first time? Remember the mixed feelings of pride, excitement and love? It might have been a remarkable day of your life. No joy can be compared with the joy of becoming a father. Taking care of your baby is a joyous...


19 February,2019 | 1 year read

How to be an Optimistic Person in Life?

When you stand or sit there right now, how to do you picture your life. How has your life turned out so far? Is it the way that you pictured when you were dreaming of the perfect life a few years back, or has your life turned a completely different...


12 February,2019 | 1 year read

rTms Treatment For Depression

What if there’s an effective treatment for depression without medications or antidepressant? Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for depression is an effective treatment that doesn't involve any invasion or medication or antidepressants. What is rTms treatment? Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a new and effective brain stimulation therapy that...


08 February,2019 | 1 year read

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